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Elder Law: Protecting The Rights Of The Aged

As you get older, planning for your family’s future becomes increasingly important. It is critical that you have an attorney by your side who has experience with estate planning for seniors, as well as Medicare, Medicaid, and long-term health care needs. Attorney James S. Nowak has more than 30 years of legal experience in the Toledo area and can represent you with your elder law concerns.

Mr. Nowak can serve your needs by providing aid with will drafting for elders, special needs trusts, asset protection, and advice with many senior-specific problems in the Point Place area. Call the Toledo law office of James S. Nowak, Attorney at Law, at 419-726-2605.

Do You Qualify For Medicare In Ohio Or Michigan?

If you are older than 65, you probably qualify for Medicare even if you are still working. Depending on your special circumstances, attorney Nowak can determine whether you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, and he can personally guide you through the process to get you the medical information that is important to you.

Have you wondered about the differences between Medicare and Medicaid? Are you curious as to whether you are financially eligible? You are not alone. Mr. Nowak has explained the advantages and disadvantages of each program to many seniors. Attorney Nowak will take the time to answer every question you have regarding your long-term health care needs.

Try out a Medicare calculator in order to help you answer your initial questions.

Working To Stop Financial Abuse Of Seniors

Older citizens are taken advantage of on a daily basis. Has someone you love been abused by a caregiver, been influenced with their estate planning or even had a family member forge their signature? Attorney Nowak will work hard to correct mistakes in wills and protect seniors from mistreatment. You can feel comfortable knowing Mr. Nowak has a long track record of success in dealing with financial abuse of elders.

Contact A Skilled Elder Law Attorney In Your Area

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