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Guidance Through The Probate And Estate Administration Process

Do we have to go through probate at all? How long will Mom or Dad’s money be tied up in probate? How can we pay all of these bills? If you’ve recently lost a parent or another loved one, you may be wading through a deluge of papers and staring down the endless probate process with apprehension. The process is complicated; attorney James S. Nowak in Toledo, Ohio, can help.

Answering Your Probate Questions

In theory, the probate system is designed to ensure the orderly transfer of property. When you have to navigate this system it is likely to seem anything but orderly. Our experienced lawyer will make the probate administration process as smooth and efficient as possible.

Attorney Nowak is licensed in both Ohio and Michigan. Throughout his career, he has handled cross-border cases. If you have property in both Ohio and Michigan, you will probably have to enter the probate courts of both states. We can represent you in both jurisdictions.

Counseling You Through Probate Litigation

After losing a loved one, the last place you probably want to be is probate court. Sometimes you don’t have a choice. If ambiguity in estate planning documents has left questions about the distribution of assets, litigation may be inevitable.

When you have to be in court, experience matters. With more than 30 years in practice, attorney James S. Nowak has the experience to assist you in this difficult time.

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