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Evictions: Working To Resolve Real Estate Disputes

Disputes between landlords and tenants can escalate quickly, especially when the specter of eviction has been raised. These cases can be very complex and regardless of which side of the dispute you find yourself on, seeking help from experienced legal counsel is essential to ensuring an effective resolution.

Attorney James S. Nowak has been handling complex real estate legal issues for more than 30 years. Licensed to practice in both Ohio and Michigan, he can help address any issues concerning evictions. To schedule a consultation, call the Toledo law office of James S. Nowak, Attorney at Law, at 419-726-2605.

Addressing Eviction-Related Issues

Both landlords and tenants have certain rights when it comes to the evictions process. Landlords are required to follow specific procedures when serving a notice of eviction. Similarly, tenants must abide by the law when an eviction is properly carried out.

Attorney Nowak will help avoid the eviction process by creating and negotiating the terms of a lease agreement, help explore options if nonpayment of rent is an issue, determine whether services are being properly provided and handle other matters impacting landlords and tenants. If eviction is the only answer or if the eviction process has been started, Mr. Nowak will use his legal experience to help protect your interests at every turn.

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