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Small Business Law: Starting And Growing Your Business

Owning a business in a small industry can make you a very satisfied person if you used the right tools from the beginning. James S. Nowak, Attorney at Law, has a strong record of success dealing with small business formation and growth in the Toledo, Ohio area. With more than 30 years of experience in small business law, we can supply you with the legal knowledge you need to form your company and keep your business thriving.

Whether your small company needs assistance with management agreements, drafting business contracts, purchasing or leasing building equipment, or business dissolutions, we can guide you and your company to a solution. Contact us by email or call 419-726-2605 to speak with an Ohio lawyer.

Assistance With Forming and Growing Your Business in Ohio and Michigan

Starting a small business or corporation in Ohio can be an exciting and question-filled time. Making important formation decisions early on in the process is crucial. The entity you choose will affect your tax burden, startup costs and the ultimate success of your company. Based on your needs, you may need guidance during the lifecycle of your company in these areas:

  • Business entity selection: We can help you with the structure that is right for you, whether it be a limited liability company (LLC), corporation, partnership, or sole proprietorship.
  • Purchasing assets: You will need to buy or lease the equipment and buildings your company needs to operate. We can review your contracts and ensure you get a great deal on your goods.
  • Drafting contracts: Our staff has knowledge of many types of contracts, whether they are related to construction, business, management, leases or purchase agreements.

James Nowak has experience in all types of business formation structures. Our capable staff has a strong record of success saving businesses money, from the start up process to expanding by purchasing new assets.

Point Place Attorney Providing Local Experience in Small Business Law

Attorney Nowak has served as the president of the Point Place Business Association, allowing him to gain a broad understanding of Ohio policies and the business climate concerning issues such as mergers, shareholder disputes, breaches of contracts, and noncompete agreements. He can use this knowledge to aid in preventing lawsuits or to represent you in court for any of your small business litigation needs.

Contact an Established Small Business Lawyer

James S. Nowak, Attorney at Law, is familiar with small business concerns in Ohio and Michigan. Contact us by email or call 419-726-2605 to speak with a lawyer. We can also help with commercial real estate matters.